Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

The City of St. Petersburg does not allow short term rentals, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.  Tampa is more accepting.  This agreement protects guests and hosts in the City of St. Petersburg.

Please copy and paste this agreement in AirBnb chat with your host to confirm you agree.

The undersigned agrees to rent space at our property located at 2108 N Riverside Dr. Tampa, FL 33602. In addition, due to the fact that we are personal friends of the managers, they have graciously made available his personal residence during our stay as his guest and at NO CHARGE for the dates of our stay.

  1. We understand that this is a private community, and the services of the concierge and leasing office are not available to us. 
  2. We further agree to follow all the community rules and certify that we have read and understood them.
  3. We understand the violation of this agreement or breaking community rules will result in loss of security deposit, and an additional $500 fee will be charged.
  4. We understand we will be charged an additional $500 if building employees, staff file a complaint or disturbance against us.
  5. We agree and affirm that we are not renting in any way the property of the managers in St. Petersburg Florida, and are happy to be his unpaid guests for this time.
  6. We agree to a brief call and with the managers or partners within 48 hours of booking to confirm this agreement.


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